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We created RG Specs because we felt that there was a vast amount of information that was scattered all over the web about the growing 3D media world . We wanted to consolidate all of it so that our viewers would have a 3D information portal to learn and share the 3D experience. On our site you will learn all about news regarding past, present, and future film releases, reviews, 3D technology, theaters and locations.

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RG Specs now has a retail store and an e-commerce store 3dom 3D Eyewear. 3dom as in "Freedom". We sell 3D glasses from manufacturers all around the world. including our passive brands LOOK3D (RealD-3D certified), Tr3nDy, Boson, Marchon, Dimensional Optics, and soon we will be carrying a few Active 3D glasses line like Xpand and Dimensional Optics.

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posted by admin, July 22, 2012 @ 12:02 pm

NBC To Broadcast London Olympics in 3D | NBC New York

The London Olympics will air in 3D, bringing the games right into living rooms equipped with cutting edge televisions.

NBC, which won the rights to broadcast the games, and Panasonic announced the plans Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In addition to having a 3D-capable set, viewers must have service with a carrier that will provide the enhanced coverage. Presumably Comcast — which owns NBCUniversal — will be in the mix, along with DirecTV, which has aimed to be the leading provider of 3DTV in the U.S.

via NBC To Broadcast London Olympics in 3D | NBC New York.


Having problems with your eyes can cause problems with properly perceiving 3D and that is a well known thing among people that are either working in producing stereoscopic 3D content or among enthusiasts that are a lot more into the technology than most other people. However a lot of the moviegoers and users that are interested in stereoscopic 3D photography or 3D videography, even stereoscopic 3D gaming may not be aware of that. In fact people having problem with 3D technology, not being able to perceive the full effect or even at all, or feeling negative side effects of watching 3D content such as nausea or headaches can often suffer from some sort of an eye condition that causes the problem. It is possible that the condition may also affect their normal stereoscopic vision, but these people may not be aware of that, though you should not forget that there are other possible causes like badly done 3D that give you bad experiences when watching stereoscopic 3D content. Problems with properly perceiving stereoscopic 3D content can be a good sign that something may be wrong with your eyes and you may not even be aware of that, thinking that what you see is actually what you are supposed to. So next time when you go and watch a 3D movie with friends or family try talking with them how they’ve experienced the 3D effects in it and compare to what you’ve seen…

via Don’t Blame Everything on the 3D, Go Check Your Eyes First – 3D Vision Blog.


Sony Pictures are planning to remake Jumanji,  the fantasy–comedy film released in 1995 about a supernatural board game.Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures – which is owned by Sony – revealed the production company are going to try and reboot Joe Johnston’s original film which stars Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt, as well as a young Kirsten Dunst.He told The Hollywood Reporter: “We’re going to try and reimagine ‘Jumanji’ and update it for the present.”The news follows a recent trend of Hollywood updating effects-reliant films with modern day technology; Tron: Legacy and Rise of the Planet of the Apes are notable recent examples.Despite a tepid critical reaction, the film was deemed a success. Jumanji did well at the box office – taking over $262 million at the box office on a budget of $65 million. Director Johnston went on to direct  Captain America: The First Avenger, while it cast Robin Williams at the heigh of his career; Mrs Doubtfire was released the year before, and Good Will Hunting followed in 1997. Kirsten Dunst has become one of the leading actresses of her generation, with films ranging from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 2 to Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia.

via Sony to remake Jumanji – movieScope Magazine | movieScope Magazine.

posted by admin, July 18, 2012 @ 8:58 pm

Announcement! – 3dom 3D Eyewear

RG Specs opens the first 3D Eyewear store launch in the U.S.On Jun 29th we opened our first store at the Arcadia California Westfield Santa Anita mall. Come by and see all the top designer brands or 3D glasses. Fasionable glasses for adults and themed glasses for kids. 3dom 3D Eyewear is the only store in the U.S. to carry licensed 3D glasses from the movie production companies.Use your new 3D Glasses at home with your passive 3D TV or at all 20,000 RealD equipped theaters. Hi quality designer 3D glasses. Now you can look good at the movies.

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In the last few days there has been a lot of controversy going on around the fact that Sony has announced that it plans to stop subsidizing the 3D glasses in movie theaters starting next year with the release of the movies “Men in Black III” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.” This has angered the National Association of Theater Owners in US that did not accept these news happily, and this was not the first try for big movie studio to stop subsidizing the glasses. It has happened with 20th Century Fox back in 2009, but they have renounced their plan to stop subsidizing the 3D glasses after the same thing happened as is now happening with Sony. Will Sony do the same as 20th Century Fox is still not clear, but it is clear that unless this happens as an industry wide move the movie theater owners won’t be happy at all. But you know, there are already quite a few placer around the world where movie studios are actually not subsidizing the 3D glasses. This can easily be arranged adjusting the profit distribution shares between the movie theater owners and the movie studios, however movie studios like Sony probably just want to move the cost for the 3D glasses to the theater owners. And this all could lead to a 3D ticket price increase or a decrease in the number of 3D movie projections, but it could also lead to a big market increase in one relatively new category of products – personal movie theater 3D glasses…

via 3D Glasses in Movie Theaters and Should You BYO 3D Glasses – 3D Vision Blog.